Using Low-Cost Equipment to Gather High Precision Data for Flood Modeling

In collaboration with Deltares and with funding from GIZ, OMDTZ was able to collect accurate and precise river cross-section surveys using an innovative, low-cost technique developed between the Resilience Academy and OMDTZ.

Photo: Godfrey Kassano
Project coverage area

From Research to Innovation to Service

Deploying Human and Technical Resources

Base stations
A surveyor in the field holding a locally made survey tool in RTK mode
One of the surveyed transect, visualized in 3d using DTM

“Seeing the accomplishments done using low-cost differential GPS, and thinking of how young surveyors and hydrologists will eventually have access to tools they never dreamed of being able to afford in the early stages of their career, is indeed revolutionary.”

“It was a moving experience seeing how the river valley is being used by the community, but also sad how people are being affected by the same river when it floods. Seeing part of a house hanging along the river while knowing that it does not have more than weeks. But still people are living inside.”

Project Results and Data Use

“Our collaboration with OMDTZ through both student work and surveying led not only to an excellent dataset, but also offered us as specialists the opportunity to convey the knowledge on hydrology and hydraulics to a local team, so that they can now collect critical river data in a sustainable way.” — Hessel Winsemius, Delft University of Technology

“The OMDTZ survey of river cross-sections and hydraulic structures along the Msimbazi River supported the creation of a comprehensive hydraulic model of the area that has led to the development of a more realistic flood hazard map of the most vulnerable areas.” — Eskedar Gebremedhin, Deltares

A screenshot of one of the flood hazard maps produced using the new survey data



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