The Growth of OSM Communities in Tanzania Through Community Microgrants

By Hawa Adinani

SMCoSE YouthMappers, one of the grant recipients. Image; Ambangile Mwambungu

The growth of OSM communities in Tanzania is taking shape as most organizations, institutions, and communities in general, are recognizing the importance of using and contributing to OSM data. To support the growth of OSM communities in Tanzania, OpenMap Development Tanzania with her partner the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) awarded microgrants to seven OSM communities in Tanzania — See the supported communities here.

The grants provided are supporting these communities to leverage the use of OSM and mapping to help solve different community challenges by facilitating training/workshops, purchasing tools and equipment, supporting staff, and other logistics. Most communities work in peripheral regions with a minimal understanding and use of open mapping technologies like OpenStreetMap.

The first phase of project implementation ended with great successes and lessons learned from these communities. The general success of the microgrants so far include the following:

Lessons Learned

Next Steps



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