Spatial Collective, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and OpenMap Development Tanzania extend their engagement to Mwanza

Photo: Primoz Kovacic
  1. By utilizing the rectified aerial and satellite imagery, we will produce digitized foot/roof prints of buildings as well as road and street networks suitable for OpenStreetMap.
  2. Through drainage infrastructure and river mapping, we will produce datasets of critical drainage infrastructure including condition surveys of drains, culverts, and urban rivers.
  3. Through the participatory mapping of unplanned communities, we will collect data on critical infrastructures, such as health facilities, access routes, government installations, safe spots, open spaces, businesses, schools, religious institutions, and any other relevant public amenity.
  4. Through household flood and rockfall historical incidents mapping, we will collect and analyze data on flood and rockfall histories.
Flooding in Mwanza. Photo: Ester Daniel



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OpenMap Development Tanzania

OpenMap Development Tanzania


Using Open Data, Open Source, and maps to solve different socio-economic challenges.