Nurturing the Next Generation of Urban Resilience and Geospatial Experts — Tanzania

Through the Resilience Academy Program, 140 University Students in Tanzania are being Trained to Collect Geospatial Data to Support Strategic Urban Planning in Five Municipalities over the next Six Weeks!

Students practice using mobile mapping applications during the training
Students learning how to use custom-made measuring sticks and the ODK app to map train segments
  • Using and accessing digital geospatial tools for mapping and visualization such as QGIS, ODK, and OpenStreetMap data
  • Improved understanding of the connection between geospatial datasets and urban planning or infrastructure development
  • Techniques in conducting household surveys and interaction with local communities and leaders during the implementation of projects
  • Field survey technical skills i.e drainage mapping and the use of high accuracy GNSS receivers and RTK in understanding drainage elevation
  • Understanding the broad concept of free and open/low-cost geospatial tools for data collection and mapping



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OpenMap Development Tanzania

OpenMap Development Tanzania


Using Open Data, Open Source, and maps to solve different socio-economic challenges.