Inspiring the next generation of technologists: highlights from Science and Technology Week in the DRC

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3 min readMay 10, 2023


By Divine Ela

Science and Technology Week is organized by ASBL Investing in People, ONGD Elongo Elonga, the Ministry of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and Universities, and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation. This event had three goals: first, to develop a scientific and technological culture in Africa; second, to promote African knowledge and expertise in these fields; and third, and most importantly, to promote careers.

Photo by Joel Kambala

Thanks to our partner, Kobo Hub, OpenSkies Fellows have had the opportunity to take part in this event. Fellows have had the opportunity to discuss their projects and share their work with others for two full days. The event lasted for two days, and there were one thousand attendees.

On the first day, fellows attended the event to share their experiences and present their projects to students. It was a special day for students to participate and see how important technology is, and it also served as motivation for them to enter the technology field. And on the second day, we received a lot of potential guests from some authorities who came to visit the stand and to know what we were doing, and Fellows explained how technology is important for our lives as our lives are changing rapidly and we must keep up with the technological changes too.

I have the opportunity to present my prototype in front of a large number of people and discuss with them how important my project will be for the community in which we live. I’m working on a project called smart trash, and I believe it will help us solve the pollution problem in our environment.”

Louange Bosso, OpenSkies Fellows, DRC.

Our attendance at the event proved to be highly advantageous, as it gave us the opportunity to spread awareness about OpenSkies and our mission. We were able to engage with many individuals who showed keen interest in joining our team or becoming a part of the next cohort. This helped us to widen our network of like-minded individuals who are committed to promoting science and technology education in underserved communities. Moreover, our interactions with the participants helped us gain valuable insights and feedback on our work, which we will incorporate into our future initiatives.

Dieuvie Iyaba demonstrates the way her prototype will work.

Furthermore, our collaboration with Investing in People, the organizer of the science and technology event, is a major achievement for us. We will be featured in the event’s final report and newsletter, which will help us reach a wider audience and create more impact. This recognition is a testament to the importance of our work and the potential that our initiatives hold. We are excited to continue working with organizations and individuals who share our vision of promoting science and technology education for all.

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